Thursday, March 9, 2017

Painting Progress

Newly painted Squat Landraider, Squat Arvus Lighter & Squat Lancer Knight.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Acroyer Knight Titan

My Acroyer Knight Titan for my Imperial Armies. Made from a random mech model, the head of an Acroyer Micronaught, gun from a mech warrior toy and Gatling cannon from a GI Joe bike.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Squat refit progress

Proxie Argus flyer, Attack squats, Command squads, Tech Squat adept and automata.
Everything is now modeled,now I just need to finish all the painting!

Nobody expects the Inquisition!

My Inquisition and Gray Knights forces!

Building a Better Landraider

Step by step scratch build of my new Squat Landraider. This will be for Kris Kringle and his acolyte retinue.
I built the bones of this out of chipboard, using a template I found online. My first Squat Landraider was made from a pattern I made myself, which I since lost.
I printed the template onto letter sized pieces of chipboard on one of the big printers at work. I cut it apart with utility knives and scissors and glued most of the pieces together using white glue, holding it together for drying with rubber bands.
i also used odd bits and bobs from random kits in my bits box. I crafter the twin las cannons from plastic tubing I got from my hobby shop, combined with parts from a GW Landraider.
I also sketched out and decoupaged a Dwarven face on the fron hull.
I have armed the tank with a very old multi meltas and a hunter killer missle.
I Need to find some time to toss some paint on this. It’ll be gold and reds, fitting for Kris Kringle! Remember my squat army is fashioned after Kris Kringle and Rugnar and all the North Pole dwarves from the comic.
More to come, soon.

Order of St Michael (Sisters of Battle)

My Sisters of Battle army, maned after Brother (Saint) Maynard. Around 2500 Points.